Modern Art Film Wedding Photography

I photograph weddings for couples that prioritize art and style. Their wedding photos reflect their individual personalities while capturing the essence of their wedding experience shared with their friends and families.

As a photographer with a modern art approach to lifestyle and documentary style wedding photography, I will cover your story as it truly unfolds. I love documenting real life moments with the ebbs and flows of a wedding day. Film is the tool that allows me to photograph unscripted moments, as they truly tell your story best.

“My work is part Lifestyle and part Documentary with a splash of Vanity Fair Magazine.”

Why Film?

Shooting film reminds me to be mindful of each frame I shoot. There’s no temptation to overshoot and skip ahead to the upcoming shots. I consider everything when I shoot on film, from the angle to the lighting to the composition. Each and every photograph that develops has been carefully thought out resulting in purposeful images that eloquently illustrate a story.

Photographs developed from film have a wider dynamic range allowing for richer tones and a vibrant color palette. You can take gorgeous images with a digital camera, but there’s no substitute for the depth and quality of a photograph captured on film. In fact, many digital photographers will spend time and money editing their images to get that “film look.” But you can always spot the original inspiration. And I love handing my clients a one-of-a-kind photograph that cannot be easily imitated.

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What’s Next?

First, We Meet!

Let’s get to know each other while I learn more about one of the biggest milestones in your life.

Your Wedding

I’ll photograph you and your bride/groom while you celebrate with you friends and family!

Fine Art Wedding Photos

Receive your fine art film wedding photos in your private online gallery where you can download or print from your high res images.

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What to Expect When You Hire a Film Photographer for Your Wedding

When you select a film photographer to document your wedding day, you’re collaborating on an epic piece of artwork designed to display on your wall and in an album as your own personal fine art narrative.

  1. Mindful Photographer, Fully Present in Every Moment
  2. Creative Perspective of Your Wedding as Modern Artistry
  3. True-to-Life Wedding Story Told Through Rich Imagery
  4. Online Gallery of Your High Resolution Images

Favorite San Francisco Wedding Venues

As a local San Franciscan and longtime wedding photographer, I’ve familiarized myself with the stunningly romantic wedding venues in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for the perfect space for your wedding, I’d love to introduce you to some of the ideal locations for phenomenal lighting, exquisite backdrops, and accommodating event professionals.


Are you available to travel?
I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I would love to talk to you about your destination wedding. I enjoy traveling for weddings and have a global network of second photographers who can accompany me as well.
Can we view our photos online?

Yes, I use a private online gallery to host your photos. This allows you to easily share all your photos with your friends and family.

How many photos will be included?

My focus is on providing you with all of the images that tell the story of your day in its entirety. Typically, I provide 200 images, but the real focus for me is to deliver the right amount of images to fully capture your big day. In our initial meeting, we can talk about your expectations for how many photographs you will receive, and I can show you samples of full weddings so you will get a sense of the “just right” number of photos.

How do I reserve our wedding date?

In order to give my full attention to each couple, I only take 10 weddings per year. The first step is to set up a consultation to see if I am available on your date and to see if we’re the right fit.

What makes us a fit? If you’re all about enjoying your day and letting me document it as it unfolds, we’re a fit. If you are really worried about getting your mason jars being photographed, I bet there’s a photographer out there that can do that. I focus on photographing unscripted moments of you and your loved ones.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
It is my philosophy that the better we know each other, the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera. The more comfortable you are, the better the photos. I usually begin at your home, to the place where you first met, or a favorite location that is special to you. I photograph your unscripted love story that gives you the most authentic photographs of you as a couple.

I believe in simplicity. That’s why I offer three simple wedding packages that begin at $4500.