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San Francisco Film Love and Coffee Session Batch 1 | Steven Branstetter Photography

San Francisco Film Love and Coffee Session Batch 1

Jan 8, 2017

If there’s a perfect setting for a film session and coffee with a couple in love, it just might be in the Mission district. The old world charm of the neighborhood mixed with the groovy coffee shops and stores is the perfect backdrop for a lazy Sunday morning photography session. I love to start out the Love and Coffee sessions at couple’s homes, where they feel..well…at home! I love capturing them in the micro moments of their lives together because I know they will look back years later and be transported to the feelings of making a first home together. This amazing couple are not only best friends, but also incredibly strong acrobats who find passion in all they do. It was so much fun to get to know them!

One of the absolute best parts of my job as a film photographer is showing the images to the couple after they’ve been processed. There’s just enough of a wait with film photography to build some anticipation and excitement! It made my day to hear what the couple thought of their Love and Coffee session:

I love these photos because they don’t feel posed. They don’t feel fake and forced. I see myself and my best friend in them. I see the smile I fell in love with and I see myself smiling in a way I never do for photos. I love that there in OUR space, and they feel like snapshots into our real lives, not like a staged shoot. There is also a soft, romantic feel with the film and your shots under the ladder, off the mirror, felt like they were taken by surprise, almost like I didn’t know I was being photographed. Thank you Steven!

Be still my film photography heart…I love creating art with my clients!


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