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FAQ | San Francisco Wedding Photographer | Steven Branstetter Photography



why film you ask?

Film is an artistic decision and to me, it creates an 3D look and feel to the images. Film allows me to slow down and be in the moment and not just push the shutter a million times hoping to get one good image. There’s no temptation to overshoot and skip ahead to the upcoming shots. I consider everything when I shoot on film, from the angle to the lighting to the composition. Each and every photograph that develops has been carefully thought out resulting in purposeful images that eloquently illustrate a story.

Photographs developed from film have a wider dynamic range allowing for richer tones and a vibrant color palette. You can take gorgeous images with a digital camera, but there’s no substitute for the depth and quality of a photograph captured on film. In fact, many digital photographers will spend time and money editing their images to get that “film look.” But you can always spot the original inspiration. And I love handing my clients a one-of-a-kind photograph that cannot be easily imitated.

what else should I know?

All sessions are on 35mm film to capture the depth and authentic classic look of film. You’ll have a mixture of color and black and white film images. All the film photographs I take get scanned into high resolution JPEGS to a private gallery.

Reasons you will fall in love with your film photographs:

1.The richness and depth of the images makes your family photos stand out without looking dated or like they were done with an Instagram filter
3.The archiving capabilities: Hard drive crash? iCloud blow up? No worries, you will have the film negatives of all your treasured moments as a backup.
2.The anticipation! In a world of instant, the waiting builds an anticipation of the big reveal (don’t worry, it’s not a long wait!).
4.Say goodbye to having one million photos to choose from! It’s overwhelming and you don’t really need many shots of very similar moments. You will get quality, not quantity.

can i view my images online?

Yes, I use a private online gallery to host your photos. This allows you to easily share all your photos with your family and friends.

what about products?

The heirloom products we offer celebrate and preserve the most meaningful memories of your life. Whether it’s a custom designed flush mount album to sit on your coffee table, a frame gallery collection displayed in your living room, Italian made Folio Box, or a canvas hanging above your bed, our heirloom products are made of the finest quality, meant to be displayed in your home and passed on to future generations. After your session, I offer a personalized in-home consultation for you to view and order our heirloom products.