Documentary images are captured with no interference on the part of the photographer. Whereas with Lifestyle images the photographer may rearrange you, pose you for optimal light and composition, or perhaps pick up the room to clean up the frame. My work is part Lifestyle and part Documentary with a splash of Vanity Fair Magazine. During our session, I will give guidance that lends itself to capturing an organically created image.

why lifestyle?

What special moments make your family unique? These sessions are completely unique and personal to you and your family and catch the in-between moments that you will want to remember forever. I love photographing families in their homes because that is where precious memories are made. Kids feel more comfortable, parents are more relaxed at home, and I can focus on the relationships and moments unique to your family. In-home sessions are great because when you look back on your pictures, you’ll remember your family’s porch, your kiddos’ favorite toys at that age, and most importantly, your little one’s authentic selves. Parents so often have photos of their kids, but not of them in the pictures with their kids, all as a family. It’s priceless to give the gift of that family snuggle, the genuine love and laughs, and freezing the moment in time, on real 35mm film. No filters or adjustments after the photo is taken, just real moments.

what type of sessions?

All sessions are photographed on beautiful authentic 35mm film. I call Lafayette, California home, and travel throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. All sessions come with a personalized in-home consultation for families to view and order our heirloom products. I believe in displaying your beautiful family memories on the walls of your home and through my unique heirloom products.

In your customized session questionnaire, it will give me a little insight on your daily family interactions. Which will allow for the session itself to be very relaxed (I can even decide on some music that you would like to listen to while we shoot) and truly enjoyable. All I ask of you is to be 100% yourself – this will allow me to do all the groundwork in discovering what makes your family unique and structuring a session that will truly reflect your unique family.

how do I prepare?

1.In terms of what to wear, the most important rule is to be comfortable. If you don’t feel like yourself, it will show in the photographs. Kids not cooperating with what you’ve picked out? No problem, that’s life. Let go of your inner Gap Ad mentality and roll with it. Your photos will reflect your true family. That being said, if you can wrangle everyone into solid colors, it looks amazing on my color film I use!

3. Maybe we can get some amazing shots of your kids jumping on an unmade bed, because that’s your life. Family dog photobomb? I love it. Love to cook? Let me catch the look on your kids’ faces when dad serves up his famous pancakes. Love to romp in the backyard? Let’s turn on the sprinklers and catch the joy as mom gets splashed. Memories happen in your home, and I am always honored to capture them.

2. You may be wondering if an in-home session will work for you. One reason in-home sessions are great is because that’s where kids feel most comfortable and where you can capture your real life. Your home does not need to look like a Dwell magazine spread for me to get amazing images! The beauty is in the relationship between you and your family members, not the decor of your home.

4.I am here to help! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, just shoot me an email at or text me at 415-244-7577 and I can offer you some guidance on anything you have questions about.

Steven photographed my family in our home and it was a wonderful experience. He is so nice and personable, calm, and incredibly patient (we have a 1 year old who was being a little difficult that day) and really took his time to capture us as a family in our element. He gave us direction to help set up shots but also let things unfold naturally so we weren’t too “posed.” I loved that we were in our home in a comfortable setting and the result is a bunch of gorgeous photos that really capture us perfectly as we are at this time in our lives. He got so many perfect shots that I am going to frame and use for our holiday card this year. I would highly recommend Steven!!

– Lauren –