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Engagement | Steven Branstetter Photography



One thing that I love when photographing engaged couples is to wait for the moments of what I call the happy forgetfulness; this is when the couples for the most part forget that I’m in their space and this is when the trueness and magic happens. Images are created in this space that truly represent who the couples are. This to me is what my photography is about. I want to deliver moments that you don’t know are happening, I want you to be able to go back in time and dive back into the photograph and laugh, feel what is was to be in that time with your loved ones. Choosing to use film as my medium choice allows and forces me to slow down and wait be present in the moment.

why an engagement session?

It is my philosophy that the better we know each other, the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera. The more comfortable you are, the better the photos. I usually begin at your home, to the place where you first met, or a favorite location that is special to you. I photograph your unscripted love story that gives you the most authentic photographs of you as a couple.

what should we do?

Whatever you’d like .. let’s explore where you met, or got engaged, or anything. See below for some great ways to capture the essence of you two.

1.A visit to your favorite coffee house or pub.
2.At-home engagement sessions capture the candid and the genuine.
3.Take a romantic walk with your pet for a sweet ‘family’ portrait.
4.Hit your favorite farmers market to create a romantic meal for two.

Engagement Session $950

60 minutes of fun + approximately 25 images in an online gallery to select from.
5 matted prints (includes corresponding high resolution digital image for each print)/

I love these photos because they don’t feel posed. They don’t feel fake and forced. I see myself and my best friend in them. I see the smile I fell in love with and I see myself smiling in a way I never do for photos. I love that there in OUR space, and they feel like snapshots into our real lives, not like a staged shoot. There is also a soft, romantic feel with the film and your shots under the ladder, off the mirror, felt like they were taken by surprise, almost like I didn’t know I was being photographed. Thank you Steven!

– Jane and John

Ready to capture your love story?

Steven Branstetter Photography
San Francisco, California

(415) 244-7577



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