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About Steven Branstetter Photography | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Steven Branstetter Photography



I can spend 5 minutes going on telling you that how cool I am, how technical I am, how I can achieve the best non posed photographs, but is that what you really want to hear? I can you tell you that I use film, that might perk an ear but is it really what you want to hear? No. Photography is a partnership and it all begins with your story, be it a family session, a Love and coffee session or wedding. I want to know what warms your heart, what makes you feel like your 12 years old again, what looks from your children put you on the verge of happy tears.So when was the last time you were photographed when was the last time displayed a moment on your wall? Whats our favorite ice cream flavor- what’s your kids favorite bedtime book- What is your fiancé silliest trait? What makes your heart skip a beat when they hold you near? This is what makes great moments that turn into great photographs. The story and magic all begins with the an honest and trust and partnership. I  promise to be the best listener so you can experience a photography session that is 100% you. Your feelings, your emotions your life. I’m the witness celebrating you. 



Signature Aesthetic



I like to think of myself as an editorial LIFE photographer.


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Steven Branstetter Photography
San Francisco, California

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