Steven Branstetter Photography


It’s all about the unbelievable experience and the journey that I aim to bring my clients on. I do my best not to pre-determine what the story will be. There’s no fun in that. And mostly focusing on Black and White Film, which I feel allows for an even thread that allows for the story of the day not to be interrupted visually.

I am one not to follow trends, you know the ones where the bride is looking down, lovingly…at her bouquet or a family in matching jean jackets jumping up and down on a bridge. Who does that in real life? I want to capture the real you. My style has been summed up by my clients as editorial coverage meets magazine-worthy Vanity Fair.

To complete the experience it’s all about building a relationship. The whole experience for everyone is so much better. I want to show up on the day as friend not a vendor or a random guy asking your kids to smile. When you know me, you get better images, because you’re relaxed and we have a lot of fun. Ya dig?

Points of Difference

There are so many good photographers out there. Clients have told me what sets me apart is my ability to connect with people and assure them that I’m there for them. It’s not just my job, it’s my life passion to make art from film photography. I’m 100% committed to capturing the real moments that reveal a true and lifelong story. My clients become my friends. It’s that kind of trust that allows me to capture the emotion behind each client. It makes me so happy when I get to photograph people across time, in all the important moments—from engagement to wedding to their first baby, to a growing family. What an honor!

With deep love for classic artistry of photographs, I specialize in shooting medium format and 35mm film with the aim of printing your images as art pieces (think Ansel Adams or Richard Avedon-style, when photography was an art, not an iPhone snap that dies a digital death on a hard drive).

The Dream Client

Clients that are lovers of art, cinema, and who are laid back and focused on relationships as opposed to making everything look perfect. I believe that emotion and interaction are more important than perfect hair or scenic settings. My clients would rather remember the day that their child discovered the muddy puddle in their backyard and joyfully grabbed your hand to see it than the smell of hair gel and brand new shoes for a stuffy portrait. They’d rather have a photo of their mom wiping away a happy tear after they say “I do” than a picture of a mason jar of flowers. But most of all, those that trust me to be creative. When clients let me do my thing, they see the magic in-between moments that make for the best memories.

Signature Aesthetic


For weddings, it’s all about an editorial inspired lifestyle with a touch of sexiness. More like an old classic French black and white move than a wedding photography. I shoot from inside out. Which means I submerged myself inside the happy chaos to deliver a real life essay of the day.

For families, I’ve been told that they feel like they’re in a lifestyle magazine shoot, rather than a Sears portrait session in the woods. In all I do, I consider myself a photographer fascinated by weddings, families, and the art of relationships. not a wedding or family photographer.

I like to think of myself as an editorial LIFE photographer.

I become fully invested within the event to capture a authentic moment using 100% film. Borrowing from my art and customer service background, I build relationships with the people around me, so that they feel relaxed and are able to be themselves freely.

about steven

Ifell in love with photography because I fell in love with art. I feel inspired by playing jazz guitar, watching French cinema, and photographing couples that want to emphasize sexiness, mystery, and romance in their engagement portraits and wedding photos.

I’m originally from San Francisco and have lived in Los Angeles and Brooklyn places that have imparted their own distinct inspiration. I’ve been fortunate enough to live a love story of my own with my beautiful wife, two daughters, and two lovely dogs.

More than art, my inspiration for romantic portraits and meaningful family photos is sustained by my family.

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