About Steven Branstetter, Your Groovy Film Photographer

I fell in love with photography because I fell in love with art. I feel inspired by playing jazz guitar, watching French cinema, and photographing couples that want to emphasize sexiness, mystery, and romance in their engagement portraits and wedding photos.

I’m originally from San Francisco and have lived in Los Angeles and Brooklyn places that have imparted their own distinct inspiration. I’ve been fortunate enough to live a love story of my own with my beautiful wife, two daughters, and two lovely dogs. More than art, my inspiration for romantic portraits and meaningful family photos is sustained by my family.

A Few Facts About Me

1. I love photographing using real film and it brings me back to my childhood—film is authentic and rich–and I love the anticipation of the film to be developed.


2. I’m a native San Franciscan, can you believe it? We still exist!  Although I have lived in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, I now am settled back in the Bay Area with my amazing wife and lovely 2 daughters.  


3. I am into classic storytelling, French cinema, and art. I get super psyched when couples channel their inner black and white movie star vibe for the camera!

The Art of Film Photography for Couples & Families


When you consider the rawness of developing an unseen image of an epic moment, film photography just has more soul. Each frame immediately takes on a tangible form that you transform into an artistic representation of your life. You can’t take hundreds or thousands of photos in a day – the cost would be astronomical. Instead, the dozens that are carefully selected in the moment must have intent and thought behind them.

Can You Dig it?

Steven, I just saw our wedding photos and I’m bawling right now! You’re so respectful, artistic, creative, and all around amazing. You really know how to tell a story with your camera. Thank you SO much!!!
Steven, You provided phenomenal services for both our engagement and day-of photo shoots. We feel like you really captured the mood of the day. We especially loved all of the “little moments” we got back. You were like a ninja, getting those moments we didn’t even know you were photographing!  Thank you so much!!!
Steven you really told our story with your camera. Our candid shots came out amazing! We can’t thank you enough for being there. It fills our hearts with joy whenever we look at our wedding photographs. I really feel how I felt in those moments when I look at them. Thank you!!!
Steven, I don’t have enough good things to say about having you as our photographer! Thanks to you, we have memories of our wedding day that we’ll cherish forever!

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