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The sky was crystal blue and only a few clouds holding court, the day was just divine. Sometimes the light is just right, sometimes the mood is perfect, sometimes everything falls into place and sometimes you are handed a gift of perfection. That is where Adrienne and Ari come into play. We had only met once prior to the wedding, we were not able to do a day in the life engagement due to time conflicts, but once I  entered the room, Adrienne’s arms were open with a welcoming hug. She made it feel as if we knew each other for years. The same went for Ari, very cool, calm and just the perfect gentleman. I have to say, that photographing Adrienne was a dream come true, as she reminded me of a classic 1960 Bride who had her own star on the walk of fame!  Ari was dashing and debonaire. The supporting cast were just divine. The east coast banter was just so east coast. The whole mood of the entire day was perfect. Well what can i say about Ari and Adrienne? They are perfect!

Bliss Event Productions

Brandy Cabral

Lead Planner + Design


The Meritage Resort


Daisy Rose Floral Design

The Band

KJ All Stars

The Cake

Sweet on Cake

Hair and Make up

Sarah Nichole