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Heartwarming Father’s Day Portrait Ideas | Steven Branstetter Photography

Need a couple quick Father’s Day portrait ideas? Look no further. As a father of two little girls, I know what it’s like to embrace the silliness in life (and to capture it on film). My love of photographing family life started with my own family — documenting the moments in between the posed pictures. I’ve found that playful, candid moments are the best way to create a truly authentic and memorable Father’s Day portrait, one that you’ll look back on with love.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take the time to arrange that special photograph with dad. I know a lot of dads seem to not like having their photos taken, but just remember: this is really a long-term gift that you are giving to your kids. It’ll be pure fun and remembrance. Time flies by so quickly and being able to have photographs just with dad for Fatherʼs Day is a special gift that he and your whole family will treasure. Whether you’re a dad looking to capture a special moment with your children or someone who just wants to show their pops a little respect, here are four heartwarming Father’s Day portrait ideas to get you started.

Relaxed Side-by-Side

Father and son side-by-side portrait

This is a bit more casual take on the classic father-child portrait pose. Instead of sitting in perfect pose posture with your child directly facing the camera, try a more relaxed, natural position. It gives the feeling that you’re sitting in the living room reading a book with your little one, but still allows the focus to be totally on you two.

Raise ‘Em Up

Father and Son Raise 'em Up Portrait

I love this idea for a new-dad Father’s Day portrait. Try picking up your child the way you naturally would, whether that means cradling them, hoisting them on your shoulders, or at your side. This one is sure to elicit a natural smile from both of you!

Do Something You Both Love

Father and son doing what they love portrait

I love capturing those little life moments that really define a father and child’s relationship. The best way to do that is simply by partaking in an activity you both love. That could be laying on the floor coloring, running around in the backyard, or simply going on a walk through the neighborhood. The resulting portrait gives you context for the shot, something you’ll love looking back on during future Father’s Day celebrations.

Coordinate (Kind Of)

Father and son slightly coordinated clothing portrait

If you know me, you know that I much prefer to photograph my subjects in clothing they feel comfortable in instead of a super matchy-matchy look. However, there is something to be said for the mini-me outfit. Keep this portrait style from being overly cutesy by picking one element to coordinate. For instance, the above father and son are both wearing white collared shirts. One’s an oxford, one’s a polo, making for a Father’s Day portrait that’s just right.

I hope this helps spark your creativity when setting up your big photo session for dad! What are your favorite ideas for a personality-packed Father’s Day portrait? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, on social, or email me at hello@stevenbphotography.com.