San Francisco Wedding Photographer

I am a self-described modern art film photographer in San Francisco – native San Franciscan, in fact! – and a classic storyteller of adventurous brides and grooms and families. Shooting film allows me to focus on the raw artistry of photographing people and weddings. Film is authentic and rich, a style that inspires and excites me.

Wedding Photography

Weddings and engagements come full of exciting planning, stories of romance, and fleeting moments. My welcomed responsibility is to let you be present on your big day while I capture your moments to add to your visual love story. This means that the time spent on your wedding day with your significant other surrounded by your loved ones should be spent grooving with the moment and making memories.

Wedding Pricing

Finding the right photographer at the right price should not be something a bride has to struggle with. Film photography stands out among the rest in quality and style and deserves to be presented on fine print paper. I exclusively order any print products from a professional, high-end printing company that guarantees your images will remain just as breathtaking when they’re passed on as heirlooms as they are today.

Timeless Engagements

That moment. The moment you’ve been planning for. You’ve thought about it, you know she’s the one. Make sure that moment is forever etched in time. I’m here to make sure that your most precious moment is something that will never be forgotten.

Classic Family Portraits

For many, their romantic love story becomes the framework for another love story – the family they build and nurture together. And that’s often when life gets real. I work with families that prioritize capturing their relationships with each other over perfect posing. Real life is exciting because it’s unexpected. And that authentic realness is what gives a photograph personality. I photograph families outdoors or in their home, in every season, and in every stage of their lives together to weave an extended story that’s personal and so uniquely them.

Meet Steven

I fell in love with photography because I fell in love with art. I feel inspired by playing jazz guitar, watching French cinema, and photographing couples that want to emphasize sexiness, mystery, and romance in their engagement portraits and wedding photos.