A Seattle Engagement Session

Seattle Love, Reborn….an Editorial Engagement Session Revisted

Love and Coffee , September 9, 2017

Seattle, 65 degrees and sunny


There was no rain or fog in Seattle this day; The skies were clear. And it is clear that Bonnie and Gabriel are in love. What a magic photo session this was–playful, sensual, and enchanting.  While they have been together quite a while, you’d  swear they’d just met and fell in love.  I was so honored to witness their amazing connection with each other.


Bonnie Al-Rifai
19:19 October 11, 2012

I saw Steven's photos of my husband and I for the first time last night and after a night of reflection, I have to share my emotions about them. First of all, as a photographer, I am comfortable behind the camera but completely awkward and uncomfortable in front of it. Steven made us feel so comfortable and was incredible at directing our shoot. We had an absolute blast. Though the pictures look serious and meaningful, the experience was light hearted and so much fun. As I looked at them last night, my emotions overcame me. The first time I watched the slideshow I was blown away. I couldn't believe that was us. The second time I watched it, I sat back and cherished how special the pictures were. On my third viewing, I tried to express my feelings out loud to my husband and I found myself tongue tied and choked up. Emotions came to the surface that I didn't expect to have. I was 5 months pregnant when we actually got married which didn't leave room for romance or truly beautiful memories. Steven gave us a gift that is priceless. He made me fall in love with my husband all over again. He gave us a memory that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. He captured our essence. We aren't glamourous people in real life and while I think he made us look like we are the coolest people I've ever seen, he did it with our true personalities as the base of all of the portraits. When I see these photos, I see my husband and I in a romantic place completely alone. It doesn't look like a photographer is in the room with us and he captured raw emotions and a part of our soul. If anyone is fortunate enough to have Steven Branstetter as their wedding photographer, a passionate engagement photo shoot will be the best gift you could ever give your marriage.AND if, like us, you weren't fortunate enough to have Steven photograph your wedding, it is never too late to have this experience with him. I'm so thankful for what he did for us. We are looking at each other with new eyes this morning.

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