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C+Z San Francisco Fairmont Wedding

featured home , September 9, 2017

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San Francisco 63 degrees light showers  I felt as if I were transported back to 1960 when I was photographing Courtney and Zach’s wedding at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. It was as if I were hanging out with two leading movie stars on the most important day of their lives. The day was greeted with slight rain which served as a romantic backdrop, holding court until the sun was ready to come out and play. From morning to the evening,the mood of the day was filled with much laughter, hugs, tears and love. I had to turn away a couple of times and think about baseball to stop myself form shedding a tear during the ceremony. Standing back and being able to watch Courtney and Zach float through the evening with smiles that would heal any broken heart was true bliss. They were the perfect hosts and I was honored to be part of the glamorous affair. All the best to you, Courtney and Zach….

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